Watching Evolution in Real Time

Every now and then, in music, an album comes along, or I find an old one, that contains songs that seem so perfect in concept, arrangement, execution and delivery, that for the entire package to exist seems so obvious. As in, why didn’t anybody think of that before?. Nirvana’s Nevermind is one example; such a full-on blast-out of messy rock (albeit highly produced) that dealt with young adult alienation so perfectly that the singer, in a fog of an undiagnosed mental illness, succumbed to the misery and despair of his lyrics and committed suicide. Continue reading “Watching Evolution in Real Time”

The Web of Life

Apologies for silence for the past while. Work and life are busy, and I bought an electric guitar. There’s nothing like sitting around crunching power chords (badly) when looking to waste time.

Anyway, I digress. Moving away from my usual rants about the science of climate change and biodiversity loss, this post will deal with a scientific theory that I personally find intriguing – horizontal gene transfer, specifically between prokaryotes and eukaryotes. A nice new paper has emerged, though not without contest, that further supports it. Continue reading “The Web of Life”