About this blog

This site is a popular science site, or blog. It is an effort to counter scientific misinformation, the misunderstanding of science, and to fight against the use of misinformed scientific opinions, particularly for ideological gain.

On this blog I will post articles written by me that deal with scientific issues of public interest and significance. I may also write about issues that are not so well known, are seemingly insignificant, or purely just interesting to me, at least initially. The articles will primarily be dealing with biological questions, since I am after all a biologist. But I will occasionally wander into other areas if they catch my attention and/or are important enough for me to stray out of my comfort zone.

The most important thing about this blog is that the articles will be mostly written within the context of the corresponding research. By that I mean the articles will be informed by the peer reviewed research papers published in scientific journals. The articles will not be informed by journalism, or other blogs, or TV or anything else, although they may be referenced.

If a statement or stance or fact is presented here as unsourced or unreferenced then it is most likely my opinion, and I will say so.

Actually, as an opinionated individual I should warn that my opinion will indeed occasionally spill over into what I write, but forgive that. That too hopefully will be informed by research, and if I at times sound emotional, it will only be in face of abject human denial, farce, ignorance, or stupidity.

Enjoy, thanks for reading, and hope to read your comments.